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Evolution in Software Testing

Very well articulated Sachin!


It’s been close to 18 years I am involved in software testing and learning something new all along. It was interesting all along! When I remember those early days when I started testing software verses how I test now – change is really surprising. Those were days when testing was considered as separate activity in software development. Typically someone not ‘preconditioned’ by program was preferred to perform testing so that he/she can look at it critically, from user’s perspective rather that from programmer’s glasses knowing design limitations. This also in a way promoted testers to keep away from code since knowing the code was synonym for being preconditioned with design limitations.

Typically it was more of manual testing with lot of repeat runs till the time software reached stage which was acceptable for production release. Was it enjoyable? Answer is yes and no. Yes – for the part of test…

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Object Functional Paradigm – Subsume the Strategy Pattern


My first blog is inspired by quote from  Venkat Subramanium in his book “Functional Programming in Java 8”.

“The common, familiar design patterns are more approachable when we design with lambda expressions; we need fewer lines of code, classes, and interfaces, and far less ceremony to implement our designs.”

Other inspirations are Dhaval Dalal who lately got us introduced to Functional Programming. And lastly Naresh Jain whose Object Boot Camp provoked a thought of building a good habit of writing Blogs for our own good.

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Pricing-only Approach to Revenue Management: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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The hospitality industry has been following revenue management practices for decades now. Today, dynamic transient pricing is considered the industry standard for pricing guest rooms. Now, as rate transparency and channel complexity has increased, we hear hotels asking, “Can I manage my property’s revenue just by adjusting rates?” and “Why do I still need to manage rate availability?” It is clear that there is confusion in the hospitality industry regarding dynamic pricing and its role in maximizing profitability. The confusion around pricing approaches has paved the way for vendors to claim to have complete revenue strategy solutions, even though the solution may address only the pricing aspect of revenue management, and ignore rate availability management and its benefits. Simply put, hotels cannot maximize their revenue or profitability solely by managing rate prices.

Daily Pricing and the Limitations of “Pricing-only” Decisions

To articulate the limitations of “pricing-only” approaches, let’s work on…

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The champs of modern era!!!

First, let me thank IDeaS CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee and specially  Pritam n Shivani for such a wonderful idea.

This is our second year @ IDeaS where we celebrated our Christmas event with the children, youngsters & even elders from Kamayani Org.

Following has been a trend on both the occasions but I would talk about this time’s proceedings.

All the employees from IDeaS gathered in the reception BEFORE these guys (I would refer them as Enthusiasts or Champs) reached our office. Full marks to IDeaList for being there BEFORE they came. Thank you guys for that…Of course, even I was there.

When they reached on the 3rd floor, we welcomed them with a warm applause. Some of our mates were ready with Christmas caps. As they came, we helped them wear it. These champs were looking really cool.

Saurabh helping them wear the Christmas cap

We gave them individual gifts (probably a Santa would have been perfect, but nevertheless, may be next time). We also gave a gift for Kamayani organization.

Kamayani Champs of modern era

Few incidences worth noticing here.. One of our team mate, approached a champ to give the individual gift and he promptly indicated that he already got one… Look @ his innocence…

There was another champ who was checking with other `Champ` if he got one or not… See the attitude of giving!

After we gave the gifts, these guys were prompt enough to say Thank you. Loud and Clear…

Let me take a pause here even while writing it… It’s tough for me even to write…

Then we served them snacks. Watching them enjoying the food made my tummy FULL.

IMG_1520 IMG_1526 IMG_1539

My colleague Avadhoot Joshi gave each of these champs “blessings” by touching their forehead (Reiki touch therapy). Avadhut Sir, let me say “Thank you a million times “… You are super.

The Reiki Contact Therapy

Then, one of their accompanying teachers came forward with a guy. Speciality of this guy is that he is good @ reading.. Every single day, he reads news paper & is so good @ general knowledge & especially has interest in following sports. He knew every milestone of Sachin Tendulkar as well as Steffi Graph.

The Sports fan

Bad on my part that I wasn’t able to stand there (was too emotional & so left the place for 5 mins). When I returned, teacher was explaining that they are organizing a cricket tournament on Kamayani’s very own ground on 6, 7, 8th Jan.


Finally, we did thank them. Pritam (our Admin n HR Manager) handed over the gifts for those who couldn’t make it. These champs were equally excited to go back and hand over the gifts to their colleagues. What an amazing attitude..Hats off to you champs..

When Pritam asked if they would be interested to come next year, Boyyyyyy…!!! You should have been here to hear a big “Yesssssssssssss”…

Overall, it was an amazing experience, so much touchy that it made an impression deep in the heart.. Here is my IDeaS team… Thanks to all of you, you guys are awesome…!!!

My team, proud of you guys!!!!!

From my perspective, it’s a heavy dose and was certainly a tough time to control the emotions when being there.. Not sympathizing about them here but looking @ them makes me think a lot.

Rather than cribbing, these guys live every single day with such an enthusiasm. Hats off to you champs.!!!

When I introspected myself, I felt really sad knowing how I crib and get frustrated/tensed/sad with the situation @ hand. I would, certainly try to learn it from them.

Cheers to you Champs…!!!

I recollected one story that I heard:-

Once, king Akbar announced” I want something that, if I use, would keep me grounded if I am happy but more importantly make me feel happy if I am sad no matter what the situation is. Whoever would bring such thing to me would get rewarded… ”

Everyone in his kingdom including his 9 gems tried to find it but couldn’t find one…

Next day an old man came to his Darbar with something in his hand.

Akbar asked “So you found the thing which would make me feel happy in any situation”,  Old man replied “Yes, I do”

All of his 9 gems surprised to know this. Old man offered him a finger ring and asked Akbar to wear it. Akbar, all though, was puzzled, wore it. As he wore it, he got thoroughly convinced that the ring is the thing that he was looking for.

Gems asked Akbar how can a ring do that.

Akbar answered “On the ring, old man has written – This phase shall pass”

Wow… what a thought.

Often we keep cribbing & get frustrated/tensed/sad for the situation we are in.

Remember these words “This phase shall pass…….!”